CFO2GO is committed to delivering to clients business-focused accounting and tax reporting services that deliver high-quality, timely and relevant management information. We help you turn your accounting function into a meaningful contributor to net income.

  • All entities: s.r.o., a.s., partnerships, self-employed
  • Czech GAAP/Tax and US GAAP/ Tax and IFRS accounting
  • English or Czech … we can work in the language most comfortable to them.
  • We work directly with your team in the Czech Republic or corporate finance department abroad.
  • 5-day monthly closes; monthly, quarterly, annual management and accounting cycles
  • All of your accounting or just part of it – our technology allows us to customize our level of engagement any way you require.
  • Import/Export, warehousing/goods, services, rentals, holding company accounting … we can do it all. Bilingual, secure, multilingual accounting software.
If you are looking for a specialist in local Czech accounting, you need look no further. Our team of chief accountants can support your full statutory reporting needs.

  • Income tax, Value added tax, Road tax, Real estate tax, Gift tax, Dividend withholding taxes, Payroll taxes, Statistical office, Evidence 92a reporting and registration
  • Double-entry and single-entry accounting
  • 100% monthly transaction reconciliation, including full accrual and adjustments support, problem solving
  • Proactive business and tax modeling for new or contemplated business transactions, including development and implementation
  • Statutory consulting and advisory to directors and management
  • TeamViewer – the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Online Meetings
  • Representation before all government agencies on power of attorney
  • CFO2GO online entrepreneurial accounting software
CFO2GO works directly with local management and their teams on one hand, as well as their financial management teams abroad to deliver meaningful management information

  • 5-day monthly closing cycle to meet management and stock exchange reporting deadlines
  • Application of parent accounting procedures and information requirements to local books as permitted by law or calculation of adjustments
  • Internal and external audit support on the ground or via internet
  • Financial Planning and Analysis, cyclic reporting and ad hoc projects
  • Oversight and management of client’s own local accounting staff.
Thanks to its specially-configured online accounting technology, CFO2GO is able to help clients find the optimum balance in in-sourcing or out-sourcing its accounting function. We believe that companies should in-source as much of their original document entry as possible while out-sourcing high value-added services to specialists.

  • Enroll in cfo2go’s CzechBooks Online (for Small Business) or CzechBooks Xpress for Independent Contractors.
  • Effortlessly link the day-to-day tasks of your operational staff to generating accounting entries.
  • Engage lower-cost fix-rate accounting staff to perform lower-level tasks, maintain 24-hour accurate accounting and management accounts; no waiting
  • Diversify away from a single in-house accountant to acquire depth in knowledge and resources
  • Establish simple terms of cooperation at an agreed service level.
Payroll is a specialist function n accounting; the rules change often and the interaction with the authorities is frequent. Because it affects so many of your staff, you want to do it right. CFO2GO does.

  • CFO2GO provides complex payroll services at a flat per-employee rate:
registration, deregistration, simple wage contract changes, wage calculation and wage reporting, and payroll software
  • All components: base wages, bonuses, meal coupons, auto benefit, other benefits, employee withholdings
  • Reporting: calculation and delivery of monthly and annual reports to Czech Social, Health and Financial wage institutions
  • Consulting on unusual or specialized employment contracts, including key manager, director, employee stock option compensation, foreign employee registration (See Visas)

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